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Wiki is now being updated! Thank you Keridos.
Note: Some information on this wiki is out of date.
We are considering adding editors to the wiki who we can get to know on the #xycraft irc channel. Come hang out if you are interested.

General Info:
* XyCraft (Zy-Craft) is a mod revolved around tech expansion. Currently I am working on the Core, World as well as the first expansion Machines. I plan on making a few other Expansions as well, but for now these three portions will be my primary focus.
  • All Functionality is provided by the individual expansion: IE World generates the resources required for XyCraft, whereas Machines, provides the tech portion. {Currently, since Machines is not released, there is very little functionality}
  • My goal is to have this mod as high quality as I can make with great graphical effects, balanced game-play, smooth mechanics, and compatibility across most mods (note that I will not add compatibility where I can't). Thread: XyCraft on the Minecraft Forum

XyCraft Team:* Soaryn (Lead Dev | Wiki | Architect)
  • Sparkst3r (Sphax | Wiki)
  • Andrew2448 (Beta | Public Relations | Wiki)
  • ChickenBones (Dev | Architect)
  • Direwolf20 (Spotlights)
  • Umbra(Beta)
  • Forgecraft userbase (Beta)

About Mod Spotlights:I enjoy mod spotlights! If you decide to make one, post it in the comments on my thread in a spoiler and I will do my best to show it both in the Thread as well as on the Wiki.

If you need some info either before or during the spotlight feel free to find me on IRC. I will most likely be in #Direwolf20 or #XyCraft. Thanks to Mead for helping me set up the channel. Andrew2448 is quite active in the IRC if Soaryn is not present and you need help. Won't be on for most parts of the day for the next few days, but feel free to start a conversation there!

About Donating:
I try my best to ensure that all work put into this mod is quality work, which means that this takes a vast majority of my time. Though I do not expect donations, I would greatly appreciate them as it would help me to make this mod even better. Currently I am using tools that you can download for free to make the textures, and models, but I'd like to see if I can get some better software.

Special Donations:If you have donated more than $25 and you'd like me to post your name,send me a message of which you prefer: Real Name or Username
TheLankyOne - Dungeon Defenders Full
GlassPelican - Borderlands 2
Jarrod RehBein - Dishonored
Slowpoke101 - Collected various funds on his stream for a tablet computer