Please read the following before downloading:
  • XyCraft is copyrighted material.
  • It may only be downloaded from the links provided by me, and may not be redistributed in any form, modified or otherwise, without my express permission. All rights not explicitly granted are reserved.
  • The original Idea of XyCraft is my own.
  • The code is written by both Myself and ChickenBones, and one art asset was retextured slightly from Djohaal's interpretation of my items.

  • Permission is required to reuse the Resources (art, music, etc) that are present within XyCraft; however, a special exception where permission is granted if used to graphically enhance or improve XyCraft and only XyCraft.
  • My permission is required: re-distribute this content regardless of any modifications used [See "Current Modpack/ Server Permissions Below"]
  • Permission is granted to: Write reviews with Screen-shots as well as make videos using this content so long as you give credits and link to the XyCraft Thread.
  • Permission is required to de-compile my code. Some code will be Opensourced later, but not alot

Current Modpack/Server Permissions:
  • ONLY Feed The Beast has my permission to redistribute XyCraft at this time. For now that is the one and only mod pack that has that permission until future notice. (Feed The Beast as in FTB) Asking me currently changes nothing, the Answer is no until I get better situated. [This is not permanent]

Installation Instructions:
  • Download and install Minecraft Forge{version}
  • Put the xycraft {version}.zip into the "/mods/" folder then run! (For a server, the install is the same. Mods are now universal for client and server).
  • If you are having trouble installing, try checking out the program MultiMC:
  • This is a great program for setting up modded Minecraft installs.
  • Have fun!

Official XyCraft Changelog - Up to date!
I do not take any responsibility to what happens to your worlds. Always backup before updating :)

Minecraft 1.4.7 | Forge | Forge Downloads

  • XyCraft v0.10.18
    • Bugfixes, see full list on changelog
  • XyCraft v0.10.15
    • Fixed Forge Requirement numbers. If you are running 0.10.14 and it is working don't worry about updating ;)
  • XyCraft v0.10.14
    • Fixed a massive tank bug...hehe woops
  • XyCraft v0.10.13
    • Pre-release of Machines!!!!!
    • The Wiki won't be updated for a bit. I will be rather busy for the next few days. Have fun!!
    • Additions:
      • You can now make tanks, the basic block machines, and fabricators
    • Due to being poked constantly by slowpoke_101, crystals now hurt you when walking into them. Watch out! or you may be slowly poked to death. ;)
    • Fabricators are epic Automatic crafting machines!!
      • NEI enhances the ability to paint your recipe in by merely looking it up and clicking the '?'
    • NEW Textures for Xychorium Gems. I plan on re-texturing several other item sprites but I am merely waiting for 1.5 to do so :)
    • Tanks!
      • Max Size 12x12x12
      • Valves and Item IOs are important aspects of the tanks
      • Valves - Liquids can pass through and various blocks can be attached to perform different actions. (ie Xychorium Water and Liquid void blocks)
      • Item IOs - Configurable input/output. These allow for buckets and the like to be used. To configure them, have nothing in your hand and sneak click (shift + L/R Click)
        • This is based on Thermal Expansion's configurable side concept. It will be improved, remember this is a pre-release ;)
    • Basic machines:
      • Xychorium Water - Hardens lava upon impact, also when adjacent to a valve of a tank, the tank will slowly fill with water (50mB/tick)
      • Planter Block - Stackable planter block. Most plants can be grown on this block! The more you stack on top of each other the faster it will grow!
      • Fire Basin - Expensive Netherack...without the nether... (Hrmmm... that makes it an "ack" doesn't it? ) :D
      • Liquid Void - .... Voids Liquids... Can be hooked up to a valve to cap a tank limit
      • Xychorium Ice - Freezes water upon impact. Watch out for melting points though!

Minecraft 1.4.7 | Forge | Forge Downloads
  • XyCraft v0.9.131
    • Fixes World Gen Issues (Shouldn't take forever now)
    • Added Glass Viewers to World
    • Fixed a few issues for some people
    • All conflicting IDs will be stored in a file if there are conflicts. Please read the log before posting a bug.
  • XyCraft v0.9.121
    • Fixes misc issues with ID conflicts.
  • XyCraft v0.9.119
    • Fixes startup NPE!
  • XyCraft v0.9.118
    • If using Code Chicken Core for any reason, please ensure you are using the latest version (v0.7.3) otherwise you are likely to crash!
Minecraft 1.4.7 | Forge | Forge Downloads
Minecraft 1.4.5 | Forge | Forge Downloads